Megan Thee Stallion - Captain Hook [Official Video]

The official music video for Megan Thee Stallion's "Captain Hook" from 'SUGA' - Out Now!
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Directed by Megan Thee Stallion
Creative Directors: Tanima Mehrotra, John Tashiro
Executive Producers: Harrison Corwin, Lucas Prevost
Production Company: SHOTCLOCK
Director of Photography: John Tashiro
Editor: Matthew C. Levy
Colorist: Samuel Gursky @ Irving Harvey
Video Commissioner: Lucas Prevost
Real Hot Girl Sh*t, Ah
And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it
Aye, b*tch I’m a problem, nobody solved it
You can keep hating, i’m popping regardless
He wanna beat it like Megan Thee Stallion
Don’t want your n*gga, because I want his daddy
I like to switch up my style every week
I gotta switch up my hair everyday
I ain't no h*e, but I do be on go
And I promise my n*ggas gon’ love me the same
I’m a hot girl, don't try it at home
I wear the sh*t that be showing my thong
I like to drink and I like to have sex
I f*ck the n*ggas thats cutting the checks
Dance on the d*ck no you been served
I like a d*ck with a little bit of curve
Hit this p*ssy with an uppercut
Call that n*gga Captain Hook
Aye, I go shopping, mhm
Want it then I cop it, aye yeah
Bitches poppin mm, I do what they copy, aye look
He’s a sweetie mm, kiss it when he eat it, aye yeah
Know it’s good when he chewing and he singing
I love n*ggas with conversations and finding pics with no navigation
Mandatory that I get the head, but no guarantee on a penetration
I be texting with a bi chick, we both freaky, just trying shit
Main n*gga getting supper jealous, he don't even know about the other fellas
I be the mister clean, make that p*ssy beam
Ok I just might need a baker, make that p*ssy cream
Ok you woke up mad at me before you ain't brush your teeth
Mm mm, thats just super sad, fuck it carpe diem, ah
I'm so indecisive
You cant cuff me but I’m wifey
I just want a n*gga who gon’ slurp me like a icee
Bitches buy me so i had to put them on a diet
B*tches ain't no tryouts, hold up h*e you better not try me
I got a man, I got a b*tch
I'm a banana, they gotta split
One on your top, one on your tip
One for the club, one for the crib
My n*gga fine, I wanna f*ck
Ice in his mouth, eat me up
Rockin’ his chain, wearing his rang
Getting some brain, ah ah ah ah
Aye, I go shopping, mhm
Want it then I cop it, aye yeah
B*tches poppin mm, I do what they copy, aye look
He’s a sweetie, kiss it when he eat it, aye yeah
Know it’s good when he chewing and he singing
Hot girl summer
I ain't f*cking with no drama
He was tripping, so I hung out with his partner
F*ck him good, introduce me to his Momma
Though he had me till I came out with the condom
Drinking Dusse out the mother f*cking bottle
Hey, Ima rapper not no mother f*cking model
Got a n*gga, but I think I’ll have another
Huh, I’m to sexy to be f*cking undercovers
I know you know me, I don't gotta introduce sh*t
Same crew, I ain’t hanging with no new b*tch, hm
Ima buy it, when I land I rock new sh*t, hm
I ain’t fucking with that n*gga I got new d*ck, hm
Please don't try me lil b*tch, you know I’m with that, hm
I’ll break a hoe in half like a KitKat, hm
Please don’t ask me bout it if you know I did that, hm
Not a stylist, but I’ll push your f*cking wig back
Real Hot Girl Shit, ah, muah
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